Soraya’s Journal: First Entry

I suppose it best to finish an enchanted text with a proper introduction. After all, the spells shall not take effect without the name of the caster. Everything begins with a name. My name was Soraya Wenderdowne and I was born to the most noble royal house among all the Fayere of Lunnae. The other peoples call us “lightwings,” but only the royal houses still bore wings of honor. I had always been proud of my wings. Not only were they my most beautiful feature (and trust me when I tell you I was not unpleasant to look upon) but my wings allowed me to fly. Foolish humans believed all lightwings to be nasty tricksy creatures half their stature. I tell you now this ridiculous belief unfounded. Furthermore, the humans of Lunnae were lucky to live freely among my civilized clan and not our distant kin the mer. I shall not lie and tell you we were without majik, however. That part of the legend was entirely true.

Majik is what first led me to the mirror, where I glimpsed a world free of the sickness which plagued our humans. On the other side of the Veil between our worlds, humans were strong and longed for majik. Majik, I could provide.

I should not have been watching the mirror, of course. I turned it on quite by accident with the key I found in Mother’s treasure horde. But that’s not important right now. The only thing that matters, in the end, is the mirror. No sooner had I nixed the key from Mother’s pile of trophies and tributes than I was drawn to the sacred glade, far from the city gates. I should have known better than let myself be swayed by old majik. Only children and fools tinker with spells they do not understand and I was not raised to be a fool. I was raised to be a queen.

From my studies, I knew enough to be wary the moment I approached the glass arch and pillars. The phurie ruin was perfectly preserved, like every invention the ancient ones left behind before The Cataclysm. I sense more questions buzzing at the back of your mind. One thing I will tell you. Any time one comes across a mirror made of violet ice, the only sensible option is to fly far away. I have never been a sensible lightwing. I flew through the arch or rather tried to. I ran into a wall of air so hard it knocked me on my back and crumpled my precious wings. I stared for some time at the transparent surface and ran my fingers over its glassy surface before I remembered the key around my neck. I came all this way on the edge of a spell, no turning back now.

I was not prepared for my first glimpse of the land on the other side of the Veil. But should I tell you what happened next, how I seduced a King, brought down a kingdom and sought revenge on my own son? Perhaps not. If you read my other letters, you know by now I have always been selfish. And no matter what others will say of me before the end, in my heart I long to remain the simple lightwing, before I became Queen and Enchantress Soraya Bitterhelm. After all, are we not all creatures composed of light and dark? Is it too much to ask that my son learn a bit of humility before it is too late? Perhaps time and history will tell.

The spell I have begun now, I created using power from the mirror. My only hope is that my people who have crossed through will be protected. Let those who ruined the kingdom I am trying to preserve be punished accordingly. My final hope for myself is to find peace, and hopefully one day, forgiveness. I and my kind brought majik into this world. Perhaps a power greater than majik will save it before the end.



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